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The Canadian Interior

The Canadian Interior

Preferred Coverings - Wood

If we had to describe in one word a Canadian interior, it would be ”warm”. However, only natural materials can bring such an atmosphere, especially natural wood. It is both an aesthetic and technical choice.

Indeed, thanks to its authenticity, natural wood gives character to a room. Moreover, it is a very resistant material with an undeniable thermal and sound performance. In addition, the maintenance of the floor does not require much effort.

Of course, don’t forget to lay a large fur or wool rug to accentuate the Nordic feel of the decor.

The Nordic-style interior follows clean design lines, clutter-free furniture arrangements and open layouts. This means the Nordic interior design is all about spacious and neat interiors. So if you are up for a Nordic home setup, get rid of everything that creates clutter. Keep your rooms free of unnecessary furnishings and retain only the functional pieces so that you can move around easily. This spacious design style also comes from the belief that the more open rooms are, your energies can move around your place more easily. Here’s a spacious dining area with a simple wooden table and a wooden showcase unit. The beautiful wooden spiral staircase accentuates the Nordic style.

Preferred Coverings -Brick

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