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Interior Design Consultation

I will evaluate your home interior project, give general recommendations on colors, and finishing materials, and talk with you about the rules for arranging furniture on your premises. The result of the consultation is that the Client receives an “audit” of his situation and professional recommendations for decorating the interior, taking into account wishes.

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The first step of this process is to have a quick telephone call with me at +1.343.575.8401. The purpose of this call is to pick a date and time for your paint consultation. Then I will choose the paint colours for the rooms you wish. This Service Can Include A walkthrough of your home to discuss your needs and wants; colour suggestions for as many rooms as you require; advice on sheen; and visualization of your color choice, emailed to you after the consultation containing a list of the rooms and how much you need the chosen paints. A recommendation for a professional painter if required


How comfortable is it to plan a house or put furniture on functionally?

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