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Color trends 2023

Colors by Dulux in the interiors 2023

Brown and Beige Brave Ground

In 2023, colors that create a sense of coziness are relevant. The most versatile shade is beige. This is because most people associate it with warmth, which has a calming effect. According to psychologists, the right shade has a certain psychological effect. This choice caused a wave of criticism in the Internet space, because many expected something more fun and bright as a new trend. However, experts advise to see the value in simplicity – a neutral warm, natural shade is associated with peace of mind, calmness, confidence, which we so lack in today’s difficult moment. The beautiful tone is sensitive to light and changes throughout the day. Applied to the walls, it will seem dark and enveloping at night, but when exposed to sunlight, it will sparkle with a pink blush.

Brave Ground is not the main color because it should cheer us up and paint our homes. He was chosen because it adds warmth and depth, complements bright and bold colors that can and should be combined with it. The earthy beige shade makes it easy to shine as companion paints in residential and public spaces. The four palettes are the source of inspiration – examples of combination.

Ocher and Yellow

Palette of the Earth

Warm neutral Grays and Browns

Attractive shades of Reds and Pinks

Colors by Pantone in the interiors 2023

Ultramarine green

The deep, luscious tone looks great on a classic velvet sofa with a carriage tie on a high back and a base in matt aged brass.

Almond oil

Amber glow

Deep blue


Pantone predicts spring and summer trendy colors in the interiors of 2023 to show real splendor:

  • warm golden orange;

  • heavenly;

  • earthy brown;

  • sunny yellow;

  • deep blue;

  • menthol green;

  • coral;

  • mint green;

  • purple (amethyst);

  • crimson.

The shades are perceived as comfortable, calm and at the same time energizing and uplifting.

Interior Color Trends 2023: Cool Gray

In order to be comfortable in the room, bright colors in the design always need a counterweight, a soothing balanced tone. Gray is just that, minimalistic, focused, natural. Combines perfectly with active, pastel and other neutral palettes. Gray is at the height of fashion year after year, and current trends are no exception.

It is important to use a smoky shade in the decoration of walls, floors, window frames, doors, textiles. In his presence, terracotta, mustard, yellow, turquoise, blue, powdery pink, white, cream, sand, coral colors sound juicier and more expressive. Even the monochrome combination of several shades of gray gives the space depth and texture.

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