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Ukrainian style in the interior

Ukrainian culture is very unique and interesting. Ukrainians respect traditions, have taken care of coziness at home since ancient times and have their own special habits in everyday life. Ukrainian style in the interior is now becoming more and more popular. Unusual and original decor elements, which undoubtedly add coziness to the home, increasingly attract designers from all over the world, and also arouse great interest among lovers of naturalness.


As hundreds of years ago, as now, Ukrainians prefer natural, environmentally friendly materials: wood, stone, and clay when decorating their homes. Previously, Ukrainian houses were covered with straw, which added zest to such a natural design. Straw, by the way, was also widely used in interior design. Various charms and ornaments were made from this material.

The wooden floor in the room looks very beautiful in combination with a ceiling made of a similar material, on which there are beams, even if they are decorative. This is a traditional way of building and decorating a Ukrainian house.

If you want to decorate a room with natural stone, it is better to do it so that the texture of such a coating stands out and is preserved. Walls and floors can be decorated with natural stone.





Ukrainian stove

Woven things from vines

Ukrainian wool rug

Pottery |Ceramics

The modern interpretation of the Ukrainian style includes decorative elements or banks, pottery, wall paintings, stove, clay floor, colored towels. Of course, instead of a clay floor, you can choose clay-colored tiles or characteristic parquet. Photo wallpapers or decorative plaster look good on white walls. Such painting is expensive, and it is not very practical. Interior items must be exclusively made of wood. Household appliances can be hidden in the furniture if they do not harmonize with the general environment.

Symbolism of the Ukrainian style

Ukrainian architectural style is very similar to Alpine and German, only Ukrainian is more elegant and soulful. Once upon a time, houses in Ukraine were built from wooden beams, there were buildings made of clay and straw, with the mandatory presence of a stove, which was painted with flowers. Animal figures and patterns were depicted on them. The stove was a home amulet and a symbol of health. They slept on it, cooked food in it. The stove was used to organize a bath. With her, offers, promises and oaths were made, contracts were concluded, which were considered inviolable and honest. Sometimes the ovens were decorated with icons with colored towels.

All the movements possessed symbols that call for good forces to protect the house: rhombuses, rosettes, squares. The same patterns were embroidered on towels - charms. The word comes from the verb "to tear". In ancient times, people did not have knives. They cut the cloth with a stone, and then tore it into shreds, which became known as towels. There were maternity, christening, wedding, bread and other towels, i.e. for all occasions. They look like extended towels.

In addition to the stove, an important role in the interior of the player of the big table. As a rule, he was one for the whole house. The table was kissed before a long road and an important matter. It was used for rites, for example, for the baptism of a newborn. If the house was sold, the table passed to the new owner. In general, there are a lot of symbolic objects and amulets in the Ukrainian style, probably because it has long been believed that there is a homely person living in a Ukrainian house who needs to be pleased. Painted wooden spoons and decorative brooms hung on the walls, which can still be seen in Ukrainian homes today.

Ukrainian brooms were decorated with ribbons, nuts, beans, peas, wheat grains, dry plants and flowers. Each element carried its own specific meaning. One brought health to the house, another wealth, the third family well-being. Sometimes brooms were placed in the hands of a play housekeeper, who was embroidered on the wall so that the mythical character would keep the house clean. Brooms were protected like the apple of the eye. If people had to leave their homes, they necessarily took decorative brooms with them.

Furniture in a Ukrainian house always had simple forms, but was made mainly of oak and other high-quality woods. Police must be present in the interior, where you can put earthenware, Ukrainian national faceless dolls in national costumes. They are also called guardians, as they protect coziness in the house. Also, there should always be a place for wicker baskets on the shelves.

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