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According to your needs and with respect for every square meter of your home

 Interior Designer & Decorator Olga Gudziuk

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About Me

I was a born creativity and hustler and has always been an insanely hard worker, fiercely independent, and strong willed. Even as a kid was always looking to make a creative performance, whether that meant "concert and street performance" in old House for cultural performances, or working in school's creative team. As a preteen was studied the painting with painter. But the difficult times of the 90s did not allow the development of creative abilities and the career path took me 10 years after graduation to the public service. Career growth was rapid and successful. I acquired a lot of skills during these years, such as project management and following schedules, working with the press and communication skills.
The childhood dream of realizing oneself as an interior designer only approached the age of 30. AND...

A new stage in life and the realization of a dream is so close... receiving a diploma of an Interior Designer and Decorator with a high rating from European Design School and the British College of RHODEC International. I was drowning in projects with head, a long-awaited and beloved job. The war in Ukraine led to the start of creation of interior projects in Canada.

I am a people person and seriously inquisitive from the get-go and  the person who's never met a stranger, a friendly extrovert. I love every home and every project that I created.



Interior Design & Decoration

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Interior Design 


Scetch for interior designers, Colors and Palette, Interior Styles, Composition and Ergonomic, Materials, Technical drawings, Branding, Law and Psichology of customers, Creative mind, Furniture complectation and Spatial Composition

 3DsMAX software, Corona Renderer, ArchiCAD, Photoshop


for Creative Business


Working in a team to achieve company goals

Forming a strategy for the development and export of creative industries, International trade of creative industry 

Financial policy in business, B2B work and customer orientation

Performance and Strategy implementation mechanisms 

Project management and AGILE methodology


Master of Political science, PR


of International Law


of Public Administration

The skills of project management, personnel management, strategic thinking, PR and communication skills were implemented in the work of the regional management of political organizations and public relations in the regional administration of Ukraine.

The skills of application of norms and knowledge of legislation, the implementation of international norms and standards were implemented in the work of a lawyer and a representative in courts of non-state legal organizations and in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

Team management skills of 1000 employees, time management, organization of exhibitions and negotiation strategy, including with international partners, oratory, problem solving at the level of government members were implemented in the role of the First Assistant to the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

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